Bori Fulop is a young artist hailing from Hungary, with a remarkable journey as a self-taught painter. Currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Mathematics, specialising in cancer research at the prestigious University of Glasgow, she effortlessly combines her passion for art with her academic pursuits.

Since 2017, Bori Fulop has been actively engaged in the art world, showcasing her captivating paintings in various galleries across Hungary and Scotland. Her artistic style seamlessly blends elements of both figurative and abstract styles, resulting in visually stunning compositions that are bound to captivate the viewer.



What sets Bori Fulop’s artwork apart is her use of vibrant, bold colours that serve as the backbone of her creations. Beneath the surface, each painting harbours a treasure trove of hidden symbolism, inviting viewers to embark on an introspective journey. Her pieces explore the intricate relationship between colours, abstract shapes, and the range of emotions and moods they can evoke in observers.

Delving deeper into her work, she expertly weaves themes and symbols that celebrate the multifaceted experiences and perspectives of women. From mundane, everyday moments to significant milestones, her paintings offer a profound appreciation for the strengths, resilience, and inherent beauty found within women. By intertwining allusions to the human psyche and infusing the delicate sensitivities of the soul, her art becomes a poignant reflection of the perpetual quest for harmony and fulfilment in both personal and collective relationships.

Bori Fulop’s thought-provoking designs encourage viewers to reflect upon their unique paths and find inspiration in the strength and beauty of women. Her art serves as a testament to the power of self-reflection and the limitless possibilities for personal growth and empowerment that lie within.