“Art is not what you see, but what makes others see.” – this quote from Degas has made a huge impact on me from an early age. I have always cared less about the skills than the feeling I have when I look at a creation. Personally, I think the most important concept in art is to raise feelings in others, pass certain emotions and make them think.

Painting has always been an escape for me, I love expressing feelings with colours.  I fancy that art is so universal, a masterpiece can give inspiraton to others even centuries after it was made. As for me, I gained most of my enthusiasm from Baselitz, Schiele, Klee and Klimt.

have always been fascinated by the female body, firm but smooth muscles and curves. Sometimes it’s impossibly curved and not so nonchalant. Hence, their ambiguity, it seems as if they’re daring you to desire them. I try to paint this impression on canvas.

was lucky to have my first exhibition in the summer of 2017 thanks to the lovely and devoted friends I am surrounded with. It gave me an enourmous boost to continue painting and chase my goals.