Upcoming shows: 
June 2023: Gourock @Stellar and Stars

Hues and Views (2023)- Glasgow @CassArt

“Hues and Views” is a vibrant and thought-provoking exhibition featuring 11 paintings by a young woman who is simultaneously pursuing a PhD in cancer research. The paintings are a mixture of figurative and abstract styles, all of which incorporate bright, bold colours and contain hidden symbolism.

The “Hues” focus on the colours and how they evoke different emotions and moods. The “Views” delve deeper into the symbolism and themes, exploring the different perspectives and multifaceted experiences of women -from everyday moments to significant milestones, celebrating their strength, resilience and beauty.

This exhibition encourages viewers to reflect on their own journey and to find inspiration in the strength and beauty of women.

Photography by Stefania Calderara https://uk.linkedin.com/in/scald1

Tales of Growing Up (2022) -Budapest

The main concept of this collection was to incorporate the pivotal moments of growing up through a girl’s perspective. It is essentially the tale of a young girl becoming a woman, her rebirth and transformation process through 9 paintings (as 9 months in the womb). Huge thanks to Andrea Sztaerk, actress and director, for her speech at the private opening event.

Dopamine (2021)- Budapest

Joint exhibition with Rafiki Gallery (2020)- Edinburgh-Hamilton's of Stockbridge and The Treehouse Cafe

Floating Desires (2020)- Budapest

Through Colours (2019)-Budapest

Summer (2018)- Budapest

Thoughts (2017)- Budapest