“Khali” (2023)
100 x 100 cm
Oil and acrylic on canvas

“Kali’s Wings of Regeneration” is a captivating painting that portrays a remarkable woman based on Anna Juhasz. Kali is a Hindu goddess whose name translates to “She Who is Back.” She is adorned with wings, draped in vibrant garments with exquisite jewellery. The artist skilfully captures the essence of peace and serenity as the woman sits gracefully amidst a blooming meadow of colourful flowers, her gaze fixed downward with introspection.
Central to the painting is Kali (or Anna), a symbol of both freedom and a higher calling. Having previously worked as a skilled seamstress, she has now embarked on a new path, dedicating herself to regenerative agriculture on a farm. Her journey and transformation exemplify personal growth and a deep connection to the land, as she strives to heal the Earth through her sustainable practices. Anna as a Hindu goddess embodies the cycle of creation and destruction, holding the ability to bring forth new life and regenerate which has been lost.
The artist, Bori Fülöp, inspired by Anna’s profound mission, depicts her dedication and passion through the portrayal of a powerful aura surrounding her head. This ethereal glow represents the energy and purpose that radiates from her being as she embraces her newfound role as a steward of the Earth, nurturing the soil and fostering a harmonious relationship with nature.
The vibrant and colourful attire worn by Anna serves as a reflection of her inner spirit, as well as a celebration of her rich cultural heritage. The intricate jewellery further accentuates her beauty and resilience, symbolising the interplay between nature and humanity. The meadow of flowers serves as a metaphorical tapestry of life and regeneration, infusing the painting with a sense of vitality. It embodies the interconnectedness of all living beings and signifies Anna’s commitment to fostering growth and renewal. Her wings stand out as a transformative symbol, representing the delicate balance she has achieved between the ethereal and the tangible, showcasing the power of embracing sustainable practices.
Through “Kali’s Wings of Regeneration”, the artist pays homage to Anna’s inspiring journey, highlighting her unwavering dedication to environmental preservation and regenerative agriculture as a catalyst for change and rebirth. The painting serves as a visual testament to the transformative potential of personal growth and the impact one individual can have on the world around them. It invites viewers to reflect on their own connection to the Earth and encourages them to embrace sustainable practices to foster a brighter future for all.